Are you resting on your values?

Or are they driving you forward?

Align: Becoming Values-Driven

For far too long, fraternities and sororities have rested on their values, content to reference these noble ideals as a part of history. It’s time to retire the passive, values-based rhetoric and accept the call to something greater: to become values-driven. Align challenges members to take ownership over their decisions, use fraternal principles to create their future, and search for opportunities to bring their values to life every day.

It was extremely helpful and fun, and it helped to get to know people. It was amazing, very informative and “I’m so glad I came, I’m glad I came.”
past participant

During this full-day, interactive institute, new members and emerging leaders explore the core purpose of fraternal organizations: to promote ideals and provide values. Through a series of activities, discussions, and reflections, members build relationships while exploring personal responsibility, ethical decision-making, and the impact of their values on the world.

Align helps members…

  • Build community-wide relationships around shared values
  • Develop values-driven expectations of membership
  • Identify solutions to common ethical dilemmas
  • Advance fraternal values in moments of leadership
  • Use values to address community, society, and global issues

What if every new member
discussed fraternal values on day one?

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This is a great event to go to if you would like to be active within your chapter.
-past participant

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