Someone is looking
to you for help.

How will you
handle it?

Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills Training

When a new member is dealing with a difficult situation – academic struggles, over-involvement, fitting in, or living up to expectations – how you respond makes all the difference. Will you drop the hammer when they screw up? Will you ignore the problem and let them figure it out on their own? Will you solve the problem for them? Or will you provide the coaching they need to work through it? As an advisor, a big sister or brother, an officer, or a new member educator, the newest members look to you for direction. Are you prepared to provide it?

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The workshop was very helpful!
Past Participant

Designed for advisors, member educators, and big brothers/sisters, this fun, interactive workshop prepares participants with the framework and skills to coach new members through difficult situations.

Learn how to help people:

  • Recover from mistakes
  • Deal with academic setbacks
  • Live up to expectations
  • Manage involvement, organization, and commitments
  • And more…

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