They elected you,

Gave you a box of files,

And put you in charge.

Now What?

Equip: Officer Skills Training

There’s more involved in leading an organization than what’s written down on paper. You also have to deal with personalities, politics, strategies, and surprises…all while trying to keep organized and on task. Find out what it really takes to be successful during your term in office. Learn step-by-step methods for getting other members involved, confronting problems, developing a detailed plan to support your vision, and staying focused on your goals. Equip teaches the human element of running an organization and prepares you to be a LEADer, not just a DOer. Get techniques for dealing with difficult members, navigating politics without sacrificing your integrity, and managing your chapter, council, or committee.

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It’s definitely a must for any incoming officer with questions about how to deal with future situations in their organization.
Past Participant
Customized to your Needs

Choose from a variety of interactive skill building experiences to answer the specific needs of your students. Equip is adaptable for leadership conferences, full-day institutes, or stand-alone workshops. Each component leaves participants with stronger talents and better tools for leading the organization, regardless of their position.

  • Plan the semester
  • Deal with politics and personalities
  • Get members more involved
  • Hold individuals accountable
  • Stay organized and on track
  • Lead better meetings
  • Plan better events and activities
  • Delegate tasks properly
  • Confront problems effectively

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Bring Equip to your Community!

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