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Still not sure what counts as hazing?  Are you tired of hearing threats, scare tactics and confusing legalese?  Throw out the term “hazing” and focus instead on building a healthier organization.  Learn five simple steps for cultivating a culture of honor and respect…without worrying about hazing.

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. . . From Hazing to Health

Clear up the confusion about hazing AND build a stronger, more successful chapter. Learn new techniques for building brotherhood and sisterhood, educating new members, and establishing a strong culture of honor and respect within your chapter. All without one worry about hazing!
From Hazing to Health is a proactive anti-hazing initiative designed to remove barriers to change and empower fraternity/sorority leaders to create healthier experiences for new members.  After the program, participants consistently report a better understanding of hazing issues.

“It clears up the grey area of hazing. It really makes the task of eliminating hazing possible!”
Past Participant


RISE was recognized with the 2009 AFA Educational Programming Award for the From Hazing to Health program!

Program Objectives

The H2H Program is relevant for all types of student organizations, and is designed to help participants:

  • Learn and apply a simpler framework for understanding hazing policy
  • Articulate the role of every member in the new member experience
  • Refute common misperceptions that foster a hazing-friendly environment
  • Identify and replace ineffective or inappropriate practices

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Website H2H Book Now Graphic
“It was important to learn more than how not to haze.”
Past Participant

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