Building Skills

RISE is committed to strengthening the capacity of students, alumni, and professionals to address the challenges we face in student affairs. We applied our knowledge of student leadership, higher education, and adult learning to create a variety of skill-building experiences that accomplish this goal. Each program is interactive, challenging, and focused on practical application. Use the options below to explore how we can strengthen your skill set.

Leading in a world of increasing
complexity requires a new set of skills

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Student Leaders

Student leaders are probably running an organization for their very first time. They might know the whats and whys of leadership, but they still have a lot to learn about the hows.

Equip | Align | NME Institute | From Hazing to Health


Higher education professionals are called to demonstrate results in a quickly evolving field, despite an overwhelming workload. Graduate school provides an important knowledge base, but it falls short of delivering the skills required to handle the challenges of the job.

Prove It! | Guide | Coaching Skills Training | Other Initiatives

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Alumni Advisors

Alumni advisors are valued for the time and commitment. They may have a deep knowledge of the organization and community, but they are rarely trained in practical application of facilitation, coaching, and student development techniques.

Guide | Coaching Skills Training | Hazing Prevention

How are you better today
than you were yesterday?