Transforming Communities

The issues and problems in any community can be explained. They arise from an interconnected system of underlying beliefs, relationships, and patterns of interaction. Finding a path towards sustainable change requires a deep understanding of the community, how culture emerges in a system, which targets matter most, and what methods are most effective for reaching them.


Find a path through the chaos.

Working with campuses and organizations on a variety of change initiatives over many years helped us develop a special expertise for creating change. We know how to find the source of the problem, determine which approach will be most appropriate, create professionally-designed initiatives, and implement them properly. Tap into our expertise the next time you need help better understanding and advancing your community. Some of our more common approaches are listed and linked below.

AimeeBolandThe recommendations didn’t suggest a one-time program quick fix to address an organizational problem. Through careful consideration, research, experience, and data, an approach was created to flip the philosophy of alumnae engagement.

Aimee Jensen Boland
Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority


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Assessment and Strategy Development

Unravel complex problems and develop a comprehensive plan for moving forward


Curriculum Design

Create custom designed learning experiences targeted to achieve specific changes in knowledge, skill, attitude, and behavior


Prevention Initiatives

Prevent risky behavior with an intentional, evidence-driven approach

Professional Development Graphic

Professional Development

Get the knowledge and skills to increase your team’s capacity to lead change

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