Students already have parents.

They have teachers, managers, and plenty of friends.

As their advisor, leaders are looking to you for something different.

At a time when they need it most,

Be a Guide

Alumni advisors play a critical role in developing young leaders and ensuring the success of student organizations. Providing advisors with the best training and resources can have a dramatic impact on members and on the organization. But they need more than policies, demographics, and student development theory.

Guide is an interactive skills-training experience that provides advisors with the tools they need to excel in the position: coaching skills to resolve complicated scenarios, practical solutions to challenging issues that come up every day, and simple techniques to advance student learning.

This is a VERY worthwhile workshop. I came away with increased confidence in my abilities as an advisor. I also gained some solid understanding of what is shaping today’s college students.
Past Participant

During this half-day skills-training experience, advisors use Guide’s central principles to address the most frequent and significant challenges they face. Through hands-on problem-solving and rehearsal of new skills, advisors learn more than student development, they learn how to do it. Each program includes a pre-post assessment of the program and a report of outcomes.

Advisors leave the program with:

  • Clear expectations for their role
  • Strategies to address five common topics
  • Understanding of the forces that influence undergraduate students
  • A framework for guiding students through difficult issues
  • Well-rehearsed skills in dealing with student challenges

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Guide at University of Maryland

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