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These questions arise naturally as organizations and communities evolve. They may come up when an underlying problem suddenly needs to be addressed. They may come up in state of exasperation when questioning whether all the work is making a difference. Or they may result when achieving one milestone and searching for another. Whatever your situation, there are times when you need to first look inward and refocus before taking too many steps forward in the wrong direction. When that happens, remember that, like your favorite mentor, some of the best answers can come from outside support.

How are you measuring success?


Partnering with RISE on a problem analysis and program development helped us think differently about our work. We learned right along with RISE, and the process left us better informed and prepared to tackle our issues. It is refreshing to get to do that kind of thinking and to be guided through that process by experts.
Lindsay Sell
Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Colorado State University

Each assessment project involves multiple RISE team members and both on- and off-campus work over approximately a two-month period. We examine every document, initiative, and available bit of data using a variety of analytic models from organizational development, systems theory, adult learning, public health, and business. As a result, you gain an advanced understanding of not just symptoms and problems, but the underlying cultural dynamics driving your current situation. Through dialogue with your community members we test and refine our findings to ensure that you gain a clear, precise picture of your current state.

Strategy Development

Assessment often brings about a new understanding of the community and a new vision of success. As a result, strategy development often becomes the next step. Using our findings and a carefully facilitated dialogue among community members, we draw out consensus around aspirations, principles, issues, and priorities. In the end, you are left with a strategy to guide daily decisions, a short- and long-term action plan, and an established momentum towards your community’s vision.

RISE cares about its clients and is deeply committed to ensuring that the client’s unique needs are being met…The most important part of the journey was that it was OUR work, OUR vision. They coached us, sometimes prodded us, but never told us which direction to take.
Wendi Kinney
Executive Director
Northeast Greek Leadership Association

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