How do you build a strong,
high-achieving chapter
through New Member Education?

(without hazing…)


New Member Educator’s Institute

A young, energetic group of new members ready to join your community. They are anxious and ready to learn. So how do you prepare them to become the best fraternity men and sorority women? What do they need to learn? How do you keep it interesting? What can you do to develop the next generation of future leaders? The new member experience can make or break a chapter, so you need to get it right. Many other officers receive extensive training. Now there is a program specifically designed for new member educators.

Bring the NME Institute to your community!

I was very excited to attend this session and it delivered everything I expected and more. I’m currently designing a New Member Education process for our entire campus and this has helped me organize my thoughts a little more on how to make the experience more meaningful.
Past Participant

The New Member Educator’s Institute helps you get it right. In a half-day interactive training experience, you will examine the goals of your new member program and learn the formula for creating a true experience of transformation. Find out how to structure a program that builds men and women of character. Experience simple techniques for teaching history, symbols, creeds, values, leadership, and chapter operations. Discover better ways to build a genuine bond of brotherhood and sisterhood that will last a lifetime. And build the skills to deal with the most challenging moments of the new member experience. You will leave the program with a list of simple steps for building a better new member experience and a healthier, higher performing chapter.

  • Improve existing activities
  • Strengthen the big brother/sister experience
  • Get members more involved
  • Learn to handle new member accountability
  • Help new members learn more
  • Get new activity ideas

Bring the NME Institute to your community!
Hazing Prevention Program Summary
This was very relevant for me. Loved it!!!
Past Participant

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